Head Anything Lyt

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The ANYTHING does not only make carving a walk in the park, it is also the perfect board for freestyle sessions. The new hybrid construction DCT 2.0 has the nickname “autopilot” for a reason. The board has four added contact points with the snow, paired with a longer effective backside edge. This assures a perfect position, resulting in optimized control in all conditions, which makes carving easy. At the same time, the ANYTHING is very playful and forgiving, as it features a soft torsional flex. The reduced weight in the boards tip and tail add to this, making it very dynamic and easy to turn. Your advantage: more fun, for longer.
This is the ideal board for you, if you already have gained some riding experience and are now looking for the “one for all”. SKILL:
Hybrid Camber DCT 2.0
LYT Board Architecture w. Graphene
Extruded Base

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Head Anything Lyt
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