Oakley Clifden Coalesce Collection (Matte Red Gold Colorshift/Prizm Bronze)

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Discover the harmonious duality of the Coalesce collection, where contrasting forces merge into a unique whole. The interplay of light and dark, natural and artificial, new and old is showcased through a palette of earth tones with unexpected accents and artistic patinas and stone finishes, expressing balance amidst diversity.

Embark on your next adventure with Clifden by Oakley®, the ultimate mountaineering eyewear that protects you from the elements. The model combines Prizm™ lens technology, one of the best lens technologies in its class, with a premium styled frame, side shields and a protective bridge blocker, as well as an integrated strap that lets you conveniently store your glasses.

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• DESIGN: Functional sports glasses that offer ultimate comfort and protection to perform well even in strong light
• SHARPLY DEFINED DETAILS: Available with a variety of Prizm™Snow, Water and Everyday lenses that optimize color, contrast and details so that athletes can give their best in every activity
• NON-SLIP: Unobtainium® nose pads provide more grip when sweat builds up and prevent the glasses from slipping without compromising comfort
• OPTIMAL PROTECTION: With an interchangeable and removable blocking mechanism on the bridge and Unobtainium side shields that prevent glare and protect the face
• STRAP: With the integrated lightweight, highly flexible strap (50 cm) made of coated steel mesh, athletes of all levels can put the Clifden on safely or wear it around their neck. This allows them to focus on the environmental conditions and less on their glasses
• LENSES OFFERED: Available with:
– Category 4 lenses (less than 8% VLT) filter more UVB rays and more intense light, reducing the risk of eye diseases
– Category 3 lenses protect in cloudy or partly cloudy conditions while still providing good vision
• PRESCRIPTION LENSES: Available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses for athletes of all levels with RX needs

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Oakley Clifden Coalesce Collection (Matte Red Gold Colorshift/Prizm Bronze)

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